Horace Greeley High School Class of 1959

We've Gone Our Separate Ways But Discovered "You CAN Go Home".

Dear ‘59er Greeleyites,


I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. 


One of the things we can stay grateful for is the good education that was available to us.  Some of the teachers I had at Greeley were better than any I had later.  I still remember Miss Kurson - curing me of overly fancy prose.  It took her about 90 ferocious seconds and I never dared try it again! (She would have made me take out that exclamation point.)


It’s now less than 10 months until our Portland, Oregon reunion September 10-12th. I’m hoping that many of you will join us. I’d suggest getting to Portland on Friday September 9th  (or earlier) and planning to stay until at least late afternoon on Monday September 12th. There are many local attractions in Portland itself, and in the surrounding area.


On Saturday we might take an organized trip to local wine country or a longer expedition up to Mount Saint Helens where the volcano blew 20 years ago.  Or you can just sightsee in Portland where there’s plenty to see.  I’ll collect opinions and preferences closer to the actual reunion.


Saturday evening, my husband and I (his name is Eric Sweetman and our dog’s name is Lily Schott Sweetdog) will host a salmon dinner at our house in Portland.


I’ve already reserved and paid the deposit for the Silcox Hut up above Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood for Sunday September 11th, 2011 – which will be Patriot Day, Grandparents’ Day, and also the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.  Sounds to me like a good night to spend on a mountain. 


As you may remember, the Greeley ladies will be staying at the Silcox Hut (there’s space for about 20 but some are upper bunks) and the men who want to come to the mountain need to make reservations at the main Timberline Lodge for that night.  You should probably do it soon.  You can reserve on line at http://www.timberlinelodge.com. 


There are many good hotels in Portland, but my recommendations might be either the Mark Spencer which is old but reasonable and convenient and a block from Powell’s Bookstore www.MarkSpencer.com  or the more modern Northrup Inn www.northrupstation.com  on the streetcar line in an interesting neighborhood. 


If you have questions, e-mail PenelopeSchott@comcast.net or call.  Our home phone is 503-291-0159 but we’ll be out of the country from December 3rd through December 18th – going to New Zealand which I figure will have Oregon scenery on steroids. And let me know if at this point you’re a definitely yes, a definitely no, or a maybe. 


I’ll repeat all this as the date comes closer since at our advanced age, who remembers?


Love to all, Penelope (aka Penny)

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