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We've Gone Our Separate Ways But Discovered "You CAN Go Home".

Hi, All -

Dan Harley received a letter from the Greeley House thanking the Class of '59 for their donation following our 50th reunion which he asked me to post on our class site here. You can see below if you didn't receive an e-mail.

I particularly enjoyed the document about "The Little Store" in 1936.

The Greeley House is now an historical museum and they're looking for 20th century clothing. If have anything from "the Glory Days" of our youth in Chappaqua, take a look at the "News From Collections" document for details.

I hope everyone has made it through the winter in good health. I know Penny and Doug Heyel went on a trip to Egypt...Susan Heck went on a two month trip to Malaysia, I think. We'd love to hear about any other fun travel, activities, recommendations and photos if anyone wants to share.

Hooray for spring! Stay well and stay in touch,


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